Two-Faced Cat in Arizona Still Alive After Grim Outlook Predicted

A two-faced cat is still doing well seventh months after its owner was told it wouldn't survive.

When Lil'Bit was born his owner, an unidentified Arizona woman, called an animal shelter and was told not to expect him to survive, the Daily Mail reported.

'I got him a heating pad and started feeding him every 15 minutes from an eye-dropper," the woman told the Daily Mail. "I fed him like that for two or three months before starting him on proper cat food."

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Lil'Bit's owner told the Daily Mail doctors think there is a good chance the cat has two brains, but no X-rays have been done to confirm it. She is afraid the stress of tests would upset him.

The 47-year-old woman said she almost dropped the cat when she saw it had two faces.

"The kittens were born underneath my computer table," she told the Daily Mail. "When I picked Lil'Bit up I suddenly spotted that he had two faces. I was so shocked that I nearly dropped him."