Two British Women Die From Identical Infection After Giving Birth on Same Day at Same Hospital

In what is being called more than a coincidence, two new mothers who gave birth at the same British hospital on Dec. 21 died afterwards from identical infections, The Daily Mail reports.

Within 72 hours both women died from complications linked to streptococcus A infection, which normally causes sore throats.

The Daily Mail identifies the women as Amy Kimmance, 39, and Jasmine Pickett, 29.

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Kimmance, a teacher, gave birth to a baby girl, Tess, and was released the same day. However, her condition quickly deteriorated and she was readmitted to the hospital two days later where she died of fatal toxic shock syndrome triggered by the Strep A infection, The Daily Mail reports.

One day later, on Christmas Eve, Pickett, who had delivered a baby boy, Christopher, died after suddenly developing severe pneumonia, thought to have been caused by the same infection.

Both babies survived.

A spokesperson for the hospital where the women gave birth told The Daily Mail that their deaths appeared to be coincidental and unconnected to the hospital.

But independent infection experts tell the paper both women were probably infected from the same source.