'Twitch Hiker' Relies on Twitter for Travel

A blogger is attempting to travel as far around the world as possible — only using the help of users of the microblogging site Twitter.

Paul Smith, known online as the Twitch Hiker, hopes to reach New Zealand and raise money for charity at the same time.

He will set off on Sunday from Newcastle in northern England — and unless the Web community helps him, he fears he could spend days sleeping rough at the train station.

The freelance writer has set several rules for the 30-day challenge.

He can only accept travel and accommodation from Twitter members, cannot make arrangements more than three days in advance and if he only gets one offer, he must take it within 48 hours.

"It's never been done before, so it has novelty value," Smith told Sky News Online. "What it proves is Twitter is more than just a social network — it's a human search engine."

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