Twins Get Perfect Scores on College Entrance Test

Brian and Ross DeVol are a perfect match, genetically and academically: The identical twins earned perfect ACT scores.

The seniors at suburban Bellevue East High School both scored 36 on the college entrance exam, though Ross DeVol needed three tries. One of his earlier tries netted a 35.

The 18-year-old brothers have maintained straight-As through high school, and both are in the running for class valedictorian.

"We're pretty competitive," Ross DeVol said.

The twins have already won household bragging rights. Their older brother, John, earned a 33 the first time he took the ACT and didn't try again.

Ross DeVol said his older brother has been joking about retaking the test since the twins earned their perfect scores.

The brothers are both good in physics and are considering the University of Nebraska or Creighton University in Omaha as their college choices, but they haven't yet decided.

Ross DeVol said he wants to become a doctor or a psychiatrist. Brian DeVol has said he wants to become an actuary.

The DeVols are only the third pair of students in the past decade to earn perfect scores in the same year and share the same address, ACT spokeswoman Kristin Crouse said. Crouse couldn't say whether the others were twins.

About one out of every 4,000 graduates who took the ACT last year scored a 36. The average score in Nebraska was 22.1, and the national average was 21.2.