Twenty-Two-Year-Old Dies Giving Birth Just Like Mother, Aunt

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A 22-year-old U.K. woman died giving birth at both the same age and in the same way her mother and aunt died, the Daily Mail reports.

Kelly Hutchings died giving birth to her first child at Southampton General Hospital. She suffered from a brain hemorrhage while pregnant just like her mother Shirley Hutchings and aunt Sue Hickmott, according to an inquest into her death.

Despite her family history, it's believed that an administrative error at a hospital resulted in her not seeing a consultant until she became ill.

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A coroner said he found it "incredible" that her case had "slipped through the net." Her brain hemorrhage is believed to have been caused by an unusual condition called deep cerebral venous thrombosis.

Hutchings started to suffer from dizziness and headaches while pregnant and was admitted to the hospital's neurological unit for tests. But her condition worsened and she went into labor at 30 weeks. Baby Nikita, was born by C-section and has severe disabilities, including cerebral palsy, brain damage and blindness. She is being cared for by her father Lee Blyth.