TV Anchor Sues Former Color Me Badd Singer

Bryan Abrams (search), a former singer with the 1990s boy band Color Me Badd (search), is being sued for $16,000 that his ex-wife alleges he owes in back child support.

Shon Gables (search), a news anchor for WCBS in New York City, filed the lawsuit and appeared in Oklahoma County District Court earlier this week with the singer's other ex-wife, Ashly Abrams.

The 35-year-old Abrams was one of the founding members of the Oklahoma-based quartet, whose debut album, "C.B.M.," sold more than 8 million copies. Their hits included "I Wanna Sex You Up" and "I Adore Mi Amor."

Gables estimates she has spent $10,000 trying to recover support owed by Abrams, who now works in an Oklahoma City tire store.

Ashly Abrams, a hairdresser, said she helped pay Bryan Abrams' legal fees against Gables until their own three-year marriage ended in 2003. The singer has played no role in the life of their 3-year-old daughter, Ashly Abrams alleges.

Bryan Abrams issued a statement claiming, "My ex-wife's allegations are simply that: 'allegations.' I prefer to tell my side of the story in court, where I am confident that God will see that truth prevails."

Abrams attorney, Floyd Taylor, told District Judge Allen J. Welch that his client didn't know about the child support agreement and is seeking to have it overturned.

Abrams' fiance, Kim Frazier, said he is working on a new recording to follow his 2001 solo album, "Welcome to Me."

Gables says Abrams long ago spent all the money he made during his Color Me Badd days: "He has nothing to show for it, except the ASCAP publishing he co-owns with other members of the group."