Turning the Tables

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Let's start the week reversing things.

Usually, I tell you something. So in reverse, let me ask you some questions and perhaps you will answer them. You can answer in a return e-mail to me.

If you answer more than one question below, send each answer in a separate e-mail, since I will post answers and want to try to post in an orderly fashion.

Also, make sure you number which question you are answering. The business of TV can feel so one way — meaning you hear from me but I don't get to hear from you. I am curious what you think about all sorts of topics.

1. What do you think actor Michael Richards can do to repair what he has done?
2. How do you characterize our situation in Iraq?
3. Who is your favorite FOX News on-air person and why? (If by some wild chance I am your favorite, don't send that in an e-mail since I won't post it...)
4. Is obesity a national health problem? If so, what should our government do — if anything — about it?
5. Are you overweight? If so, how much (be honest) and do you have a plan to lose the excess weight? If you do, what is your plan (and be honest)? By the way, you can leave your name off this e-mail. I am genuinely curious and not interested in being too personal.
6. Are you happy that another holiday is approaching? Or do you dread it? (and why?)

I have received many e-mails from viewers about criminal investigations we have covered in the past and are not currently covering. The viewers want to know why we are not currently reporting them. There is a reason: There is no news in the investigations. We do however — behind the scenes — make daily calls to all our sources to see if there is an update. As soon as there is news on the investigations, we will tell you.

By the way, have you checked out the "On the Record" hats and mugs we sell on the FOX News Web site? Just so you know, I do not get a "cut" of the sales, but I am flattered when I hear people go online and get them. I like to know viewers feel connected to the show enough to want mugs and hats.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Are you aware of the broadcast of famous Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries yesterday, about the Holloway-case? It seems like the local Aruban authorities did frustrate the investigation up to the point, where the detectives were NOT allowed to search the house of the van der Sloots. They did search the small detached house where Joran lived, but they never searched the house of his father.
Isn't it likely that the body of Natalee Holloway could be found, for example, under the floor of this house? No authorities in Aruba were ever allowed to do a forensic investigation there.
I think it's worth watching the Peter R de Vries broadcast, it sheds whole new light on the Aruban investigation and the strange role Dutch magistrates (personal friends of Mr. van der Sloot) played in it.
My guess is Natalee's body can be found in the house of Joran's parents, the only place in Aruba nobody ever took a closer look at, or were prevented from doing so.
Cliff Cremer

P.S. Did you also know that Joran van der Sloot paid somebody to make a fake photo of him with Natalee?

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta,
I hope you had a great and restful Thanksgiving. I really enjoy the crime scene specials that you do. Please do more of them. About 10 years ago I lost 2 forty-year-old coworkers (husband and wife) in Lake Michigan. They were boating with friends to Michigan to celebrate their 21st wedding anniv. They never made it. They found the body of the wife but never found the man. A lie detector test was done on the friends and they said the man died in their arms. A big swell came up and went over the boat and broke it up. After this I checked something out. There are a lot of people missing in Lake Michigan!
I don't think any of these people will ever be found! Bye from Wisconsin Libby
P.S. Will you let us know what happens to that man in Reno who killed his wife with an injection of succs? And will you let us know if he also killed the husband of his future wife the same way? Thanks-love the show
Elizabeth Cape

E-mail No. 3

I am in shock and utter disbelief at the entire situation. I am foremost disappointed in the behavior of Michael Richards, however, to use his behavior for monetary gain is nothing short of extortion. How is money going to undo or diffuse the situation? I suggest that the if money is sought it should be used to benefit ALL who were offended. Not merely those in the room. If in fact money is being sought due to the racial nature of Richard's rantings then perhaps the money should go to organizations whose mission it is to stamp out racism and prejudice. Personally I wonder who is the racist, Richard's for his words or the two men trying to get rich off his words. Either way racism is at work.
S. Tighiouart
Altamonte Springs, Florida

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