Tunick Breaks Record For Nude Turnout

Spencer Tunick's (search) latest human art installation included 2,750 shivering people -- all of them nude.

Tunick, a photographer known for taking pictures of naked people in public places, snapped the photos at a park behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (search) along Lake Erie Saturday as temperatures hovered around 50 degrees.

The sea of nude bodies set a North American record for the largest group of naked people in a photograph. Montreal had the previous record with 2,500.

For one photo, Tunick posed the crowd lying on their sides facing the city. After completing the shot from atop a 40-foot scissor lift, Tunick said: "That's the best picture I've ever taken."

A photo print will be on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art (search) from Aug. 6-8.

"This is the only way I'm ever going to get in a museum," said Scott Goodrick, 45, of Cleveland. "I think his work is beautiful. It's an event I wanted to be a part of."