Tuesday, July 15: Missing

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A man suspected in the disappearance his two children, who authorities now fear are dead, had told his ex-wife that he would not abide by a new custody arrangement, his ex-wife said in court records.

Authorities say accountant Manuel Gehring (search), 44, drove across the country starting July 4 or 5, possibly with his children. Court records say 14-year-old Sarah and 11-year-old Philip were in tears when they were last seen with their father leaving a July 4 fireworks show in Concord.

What are the chances that the children will be recovered alive? We’ll ask prosecutor Shawndya Simpson, and defense attorney Joshua Dratel.

Plus, what might prompt someone to commit murder in their family? We’ll get insight from Dr. Evan Nelson, forensic psychologist.

As Kobe Bryant's fate lies in the hands of prosecutors, we'll talk to attorney Jerry Boyle, the lawyer of another major sports figure charged with and exonerated in a recent sexual assault case.

Plus, it’s every parent's nightmare. How could a man have been allowed to stalk his young victim inside a store for as long as he did? Sgt. Robert Yeager and Maryam Kubaski, National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families join the debate.

And, what criteria to some of the biggest American retailers use when choosing who works behind their counters? You might be surprised by what DaySide uncovered.

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