Truth and Consequences in Iraq

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With the exception of Andy Rooney, none of the high-profile nay-sayers about the war in Iraq have recanted their point of view. For example, Janeane Garofalo told us she has nothing to apologize for because she doesn't think that things are going that well in Iraq. And most of the other dissenters echo that thought.

You can decide whether they're spinning, but here's some no-spin reality: The coalition victory in Iraq has had a number of very positive repercussions. North Korea is now backing away from its insistence it would only negotiate with the U.S. about nuclear weapons.  Apparently that regime will now talk with other countries as well.

We now know the truth about Russia: that it actively helped Iraq shortly before the war and is working against America and the U.K.

We now know the truth about Syria: that it harbors terrorists and tried to help Saddam kill Americans.

We know the truth about Canada: that its leadership will not turn over any Iraqi henchmen to the U.S. should those people surface in Canada.  President Bush has canceled his trip there in May.

And we now know the truth about how Americans view the military victory. According to the latest poll, more than 70 percent of us now approve of the undertaking. That leaves the anti-Bush zealots completely in a lurch.

After Sept 11, the world changed dramatically and now we are beginning to understand just which countries will fight against evil and which one ones will enable it. That is a very valuable lesson to learn.

Very quietly, some Arab nations have helped the coalition against Saddam, and this is important to know because the Arab world must change its attitude in order for there to be lasting peace in this world.

If Syria is going to continue to export terror and violate United Nations mandates, then Syria must pay a price, economically. The U.S. can't solve all deplorable situation by force, but Americans can hold those who disrupt civilization accountable in the wallet.

The Factor's boycott of French products still stands and I bet plenty of Americans have postponed trips to Canada, just like the president did.  Knowing the truth about people is a key part of life and there's plenty of truth exposure accompanying this war.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Over the weekend I was down in Washington emceeing a benefit for the Best Friends Foundation, a group that sets up mentoring programs for inner city kids who don't have structure and a positive environment.

The program is tremendously successful and the feds would be wise to emulate it.

Anyway, a bunch of pop bands played including Paul Revere and the Raiders -- remember them from "Where the Action Is" in the Sixties?

Well, these guys raise a ton of money for veterans as part of their Ride to the Wall Foundation.

So, if you go to my Web site we have posted the addresses of Best Friends and Ride to the Wall.

And there is nothing ridiculous about that.

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