Troubled Teen Dropped off at Arkansas Governor's Office

A woman who worked at the mayor's office in Jonesboro dropped off her 18-year-old daughter at the state Capitol in Little Rock along with a letter, telling Governor Mike Beebe and his wife to take the girl in for a week.

Officials say that Brenda Sipa had reached a point of desperation in trying to find care for the special-needs girl, who is the child of a relative.

Officials say Sipa regretted her act later in the day, but by the time she called the Capitol to say she had made a mistake, the girl had already been taken in by a local agency.

Authorities say Sipa drove from Jonesboro on Monday to leave the teenager with the governor. A Capitol Police officer saw the teenager wandering the halls in the middle of the day and asked if she needed help. The teenager replied that her mother had told her to deliver some papers to the governor's office and that she was waiting for her to get back from shopping.

An officer called Sipa and told her to come pick up the young woman, but Sipa said she'd done all she could.

Beebe's office didn't offer details on where the girl currently is and a spokeswoman from the Arkansas Department of Human Services didn't return a call for comment. Sipa didn't respond to a call for comment.