Troop Support: How Can We Get a Hand in the Sand?

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Hostility toward coalition forces continues in Iraq, as two U.S. soldiers were killed and one wounded in separate attacks on their convoys, the U.S. military said Thursday.

The first soldier was shot and killed Wednesday night 15 miles south of Baghdad (search) in the city of Mahmudiyah, said Spc. Nicci Trent, a spokeswoman for the military. U.S. Central Command said the soldier was from the 3rd Corps Support Command and was killed when his convoy was ambushed by small arms fire.

In the city of Ramadi, 60 miles west of the capital, three separate mortar attacks targeted U.S. troop, but there were no reports of casualties, the military said.

Troop support: How can we get a hand in the sand?

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A lot of countries didn't support this war in Iraq to begin with. Now you think other countries should stand in the line of fire for our troops? I don't support anyone getting hurt in Iraq but you people have yet to prove WMDs in Iraq and with the recent news coming out that Bush went by forged documents to get his information for his State of the Union Address, which was a speech for war against Iraq, good luck getting any help at all now. What happened to the "bring it on" line Bush was using?
Orlando, FL

News keeps reporting the number of Americans killed by RPGs and other methods.  What never gets reported is the number of Iraqis that are killed in the process.  Is it because there arn't any?  If we want to get a hand, we must first start killing at least one hundred to one; otherwise forget the hand in the sand!
William B.
Alpine, AL

I would like to know when the Iraqi's are going to stop their whining that we're not doing enough FOR them, and start doing something to A: Help us, and B: Help themselves.
If they are so cowardly they cannot stand up for their own freedom, let's leave and let the French have them.
Rod G.
Maplewood, MN

I live in Sweden and i must say France, Germany and other countries have warned the US for this. They said you must make the case. And still you went into iraq calling them traitors and now looking for help. You should have done this through the UN, diplomacy never kills a person you waited for more then ten years after the gulf war you should have waited longer. You should have been more patience. Now you reap what you sow.  I must say that i'm disappointed with the US. I used to look up to the US, but now i look up to France and a lot of people here in Europe feel the same.
Annika and Marlon S.

I would agree that we should withold aid from the countries promising help in the form of troops that are not delivering that help.  I continue to be amazed at the ingredible naiveté of people who believe we cannot be involved in the Middle East.  I would use 9/11 as an example of what "putting our heads in the sand" will do for us.  We are the most powerful country in the world.  That in itself makes us a target for these terrorist organizations.  Islam was based on the "sword" and will continue to run by the "sword". 
Shari W.
Meadville, PA

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