'Tree Killer' Gets Up to Five Years Behind Bars

This guy certainly wasn't a Druid.

A 61-year-old Nevada "tree killer" has been sentenced to up to five years behind bars for chopping down more than 500 trees because they blocked his view of the Las Vegas Strip, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Douglas Hoffman, a retired construction worker, said at his hearing that he's "not a bad person" — even though prosecutors claim he'd been threatening "chemical, biological, nuclear mass destruction" because of the leafy obstruction, the paper reported.

Hoffman's neighbors in the upscale community where he lived said he'd been upset for some time over the fact that he couldn't see Sin City from his residence south of Las Vegas.

The tree massacre in Clark County went on for a year, alarming residents.

"If he was cutting trees, was he going to cut people next?" wondered Richard Cancellier, 73, who attended Hoffman's sentencing hearing Monday along with several other neighbors

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