Travolta to a "T", Doggone it and Lord of The Rings in the Hobbit-forming glare of The Foxlight.

John Travolta's on set demands are legendary. So when a new film called for him to wear a black T-shirt, you know it's not going to be "Fruit of the Lame." Only Armani cotton T-shirts for him. And because Scientology doesn't like dry cleaning chemicals, Mister Very Big got eight black Armani T-shirts  not for the whole movie —  eight $350 Armani T-shirts per day.

Oh, he likes you. That scene in the new teen comedy Orange County when the dog bites Schuyler Fisk's nose really happened. No computer generated images. No special effects. The little McGrugg wannabe took a bite out of the star's shnoz in the first take and the director left it in. The pooch was a stray the director found. Actress and canine are both doing fine.

Finally, if Lord of the Rings seemed a little short to you at three hours, you're in luck. The director's cut is coming on DVD this summer, just before the next regular chapter, and so far it clocks in at a taut four-and-a-half hours. At least you can pause a DVD.