Transcript: Is Kobe Bryant's DNA Defense a Slam Dunk?

This is a partial transcript of The Big Story With John Gibson, May 27, 2004, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Prosecutors tell Fox News the woman accusing Kobe Bryant (search) of rape did not sleep with another man soon afterwards, but Bryant's lawyers say they have proof that she, in fact, did have sex with someone else.

We've got a forensic scientist here to talk about the science behind that claim. Larry Koblinsky (search) is a professor at John Jay college. Professor, the big question — is this DNA claim a slam dunk for Kobe's defense?

JOHN KOBLINSKY, PROF. OF FORESNIC SCIENCE, JOHN JAY COLLEGE: Well, in fact, it could be a bombshell or it could be a dud. It would be a bombshell if the prosecution's laboratory — I should say the emergency room physician extracted motile sperm from her, from the alleged victim, because if that's the case, there's no question there was sex within hours and that would be well after the alleged attack from ...

GIBSON: By motile you mean swimming.

KOBLINSKY: That's correct. John: OK. There's another possibility because spermatozoa can remain intact and more or less viable in the vaginal vault for a short period of time. If you found on a vaginal swab, if you found spermatozoa after four or five days, that would be another bombshell and favorable to the defense. On the other hand, if they are basing their conclusions on the result of swabbing a dried crust, that is a whole other story, because that could be the four-day-old sample and she has already admitted to having sex previously.

GIBSON: All right. This amounts to an audit, you know.


GIBSON: How much — whose sperm is in there.


GIBSON: All right. Have you laid out all the ways they could tell when that sperm got there?

KOBLINSKY: See, that's very difficult. Timing the events are very difficult. I've just described the two primary methods. One, if the sperm are motile, we know it's a short period of time. Two, if you find sperm on a vaginal swab, we know that that's a relatively short time, I would say a day to two days, four days, absolutely not. So, therein lies the issue of the timing. Her credibility is at stake since she said she had sex only three or four days prior. So, the second question is whose semen is it. That's a second issue altogether. Right now we're addressing the timing.

GIBSON: How is this testimony going to go?

KOBLINSKY: Well, I think that once we see the forensic evidence, then we will be able to find out if Henry Lee and Michael Baden will ...

GIBSON: We are in the big squirm factor, here, though, aren't we?

KOBLINSKY: Yes. We have celebrity experts and that does make a difference, but science is science and the results are the results. And it doesn't matter who's going to testify, the results are either there or they're not.

GIBSON: Larry Koblinsky doing the CSI for us today. Larry, thanks a lot. It's always good to see you.

KOBLINSKY: Pleasure.

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