Transcript: Hilary Duff Cheers Up Troops' Kids

On Friday, Dec. 10, teen-queen recording star Hilary Duff (search) stopped by "FOX and Friends" to discuss her effort to help soldiers' kids.

E.D. Hill: If you're a parent with kids, about anywhere between 8 and 14, you know how talented Hilary Duff is. But you may not know about her deep devotion to our troops.

Brian Kilmeade: Hilary teamed up with a fine organization and joining us, Patricia Driscoll of the Armed Forces Foundation (search). Together you guys have formed a team. Welcome to both of you.

Brian: So, Patricia, how have you hooked up with Hilary Duff? By the way, good move.

Driscoll: It was lucky. Congressman Bill Young made it possible for us to meet up. She decided she wanted to donate tickets to all of our soldiers' children at all of her concerts and give them backstage passes, to meet and greet and sign pictures, and she's just been wonderful for our kids.

Steve Doocy: And there's a picture of you backstage with your sister, I should point out, meeting one of the children of some of our troops. Hilary, why are you doing this? You know, some folks out in the entertainment world [are] not big supporters of the military. You, however, are squarely behind the men and women in camo.

Duff: You know what, I think that there's so many people that devote their lives to go over and you know, like make our country what it is. And devote their time and leave their families. It can be a really sad situation sometimes. And I think that you know, these kids are so strong. And just to give them you know, a lot of fun for one night. And my sister and I, we loved meeting the kids. We just hope to continue doing more. And they came out to the concert. We took pictures, we had fun. I think that I want to try and help, too. And obviously I can't go over there. But if I can help their families out a little bit and make them smile, and have some fun, I love doing that.

E.D.: You probably don't even realize how much you do help. Because Patricia, I'm sure you see how difficult it is for children to be away from their mom or dad at the holidays. But then they get the chance to meet and spend time with someone of Hilary's stature.

Driscoll: You know what, I have to tell you a story of a little girl in Louisiana who is 13 years old. I got an e-mail from her dad, in Iraq, saying please make sure my daughter goes to the concert. She hasn't slept in two months. And then I got an e-mail after the concert, saying, you know, my daughter hasn't slept in two months, but this was the biggest highlight of her life and she got to meet Hilary and this was the best thing that ever happened to her. For the first time in two months, she slept. I mean, this is the kind of impact that she has on our kids. It's a big deal.

Brian: So Hilary, why do you embrace that responsibility?

Duff: I think that -- I don't even feel it as a responsibility. I've never felt like I have to do this. I have to, you know what I mean? It's something that I want to do. And I want to meet the kids. I just think that I want to be a part of something that's really good and that supports the military and let's us know that there are people that support them and are thankful for their actions.

Brian: Did you ever see "Private Benjamin"?

Duff: I did, yes.

Brian: Do you ever think about joining them?

Duff: There's so many men and women over there and I have so much respect for them.

E.D.: You've given a lot of hope to a lot of young GIs over there.

Steve: By the way, you'll be at the Jingle Ball in New York City tonight. It's a sellout. Good luck to you.

Brian: Patricia, your Armed Forces Foundation, is that how we get a hold of you?

Patricia: Or give us a call at (202) 547-4713.

Steve: We thank you both very much.

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