Train Groping Complaints Fuel Push for Men-Only Cars

While many Japanese women choose to commute in female-only carriages during rush hour to avoid being groped by men, males are now requesting men-only carriage for fear of being accused of groping.

In a notice seeking a vote at the annual Seibu Holdings meeting, ten shareholders representing male commuters are petitioning for carriages reserved for men, noting that there have been many cases of groping, as well as false charges of groping, on the Seibu Railway, Reuters reported.

The shareholders also noted that the women-only carriages have been successful to an extent, but in the spirit of gender-equality, men-only carriages should also be introduced.

Seibu’s board of directors, however opposes the idea of male-only carriages.

In its reply to the shareholder request, the board said it has only seen few requests from Seibu Railway users for such a set-up.

The board will vote on the measure at its annual meeting next Wednesday.

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