Ask a Mexican

Have a question about Mexicans that you’re dying to know, but are too sheepish to ask? Then you should ask a Mexican — Gustavo Arellano that is! This Orange County native is the son of an illegal Mexican father and a legal Mexican immigrant mother and has a popular newspaper column in the OC Weekly entitled “Ask a Mexican.” Arellano implores his readers to write in with their most curious Mexican enquiries. No question is off limits. What started off as a joke has become a huge success and Arellano is happy to oblige his inquisitive readers. His new book, “Ask a Mexican” contains a collection of his columns, along with a wealth of new essays, questions and answers concerning anything and everything Mexican. His book is smartly written, balancing serious research with cheeky humor.


Picture this — you’re out enjoying nature, paddling down a river in your canoe — and you witness a person jump off a bridge. It’s horrible, and that’s what happened to a group of canoeists on the Snake River in Idaho. The group witnessed a woman committing suicide off the side of a bridge and paddled over to try to save her. It was too late for the woman but the group was able to bring her body back to shore. They were traumatized and very emotional and were relieved when police officers reached the scene. But instead of being comforted by the officers or even thanked for their bravery, the group was handed $85 tickets for not having life jackets aboard their canoes. The Twin Falls County sheriff is backing up his deputy’s decision to write the citations, however he did admit it could have been done at a later time.

Stolen Wallet Found…56 Years Later!

Ever lose your wallet? Better yet — ever lose your wallet and have it returned? It doesn’t happen often, but there are Good Samaritans out there. Just ask Jeanette Gregoire. Recently a demolition worker found her late husband’s wallet wedged in a wall at Boston’s Paramount Theater — 56 years after it was stolen! Val Gregoire was an 18-year-old Navy sailor on a day of leave off the USS Macon when he was mugged on the streets of Boston. Without his wallet he had a tough time getting back aboard his ship and even ended up spending a night in the brig as punishment. The wallet was returned to Mrs. Gregoire perfectly intact, containing Val’s Armed Forces Liberty Pass, ID's and photographs. Mrs. Gregoire said everything in the wallet was accounted for accept her husband’s money.

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