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Monday, September 12:

Team FOX goes around the world giving you the people, places and politics you need to know — only on “Special Report.”

With the bang of a gavel, the Senate opened confirmation hearings today on the chief justice nomination of John Roberts (search) who could shape the Supreme Court for a generation. Jim Angle has the details.

In his third trip to the Gulf region since Katrina hit, and his second trip to New Orleans, the president got a good look at what the flooding did to the city. This as the director of FEMA Mike Brown resigned. Carl Cameron has a report.

And Bret Baier has the latest news from Iraq after Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari toured the northern city of Tal Afar today, ignoring an alleged Al Qaeda threat to strike with chemical weapons.

Yesterday’s “FOX News Sunday” showed two people trying to find loved ones, separated from them by Hurricane Katrina. Both families have been reunited, but one reunion was too late. Molly Henneberg has a report.

Then, business owners in the central business district were issued passes into the city today to retrieve vital records or equipment needed to run their companies, as New Orleans slowly and painfully stirred back to life two weeks after being slammed by Katrina. Phil Keating has the latest.

In Minnesota, the St. Paul’s mayoral race open primary is Tuesday. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has endorsed incumbent Democratic Mayor Randy Kelly (search) who endorsed Bush in ‘04. This after John Kerry endorsed Kelly’s Democratic rival Chris Coleman (search). Steve Brown has the details.

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