Topics: October 18

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• Pieces of the Harriet Miers (search) puzzle began to fall into place today, as it emerged that the Supreme Court nominee in written answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee strongly advocated a modest and focused role for judges. Carl Cameron has the details.

• And Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) is accusing China of understating the scope of its defense spending. Is China sowing suspicion about how it intends to use its growing military might? Bret Baier covers the defense secretary's trip to Asia.

• Plus, were any crimes committed in the CIA leak investigation? Major Garrett takes a look at which laws may or may not have been broken in the ongoing case.

• With the election of Virginia's next governor three weeks away, Democrat Tim Kaine (search) and Republican Jerry Kilgore (search) are neck and neck. Molly Henneberg takes a closer look at the heated race.

• Then, the House GOP leadership team, still reeling from the Tom DeLay (search) indictment, faces increasing pressure from Hill conservatives concerning spending cuts. Brian Wilson has the details.

• Also, Dana Lewis reports from Iraq after a sandstorm that muddied Baghdad's skies cleared, allowing officials to resume flying ballot boxes to the capital today so that "unusually high" vote totals in 12 Shiite and Kurdish provinces can be checked by election officials.

• At the United Nations, the question may not be how soon the world body can reform itself, but whether reforms are even possible. Eric Shawn has details from the testimony of Paul Volcker (search) and U.N. ambassador John Bolton before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee today on the topic of U.N. reform.

• Although the issue of illegal immigration (search) has been the subject of much debate and activity along the southern U.S. border, a group that drew national attention for its citizen patrols in that region has now focused its efforts on the northern border. Dan Springer has the details.

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