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• Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby (search) pleaded not guilty today in the CIA leak scandal, marking the start of what could be a long road to a trial in which Cheney and other top Bush administration officials could be summoned to testify. Jim Angle has a report.

• Then, a group of centrist senators who halted a previous filibuster fight is making plans for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito (search), but at least two of the group's Republicans say their decision is already made: no filibuster. Many believe these bipartisan Senate moderates hold the key to the nomination of Judge Alito. Brian Wilson has more.

• And Al Qaeda (search) in Iraq claimed today to have shot down a U.S. military attack helicopter that crashed west of Baghdad, killing its two Marine crew members. Mike Emanuel has a report from the Pentagon.

• Plus, rioters in France shot at police and fire fighter crews in the worst night of a week of violence in poor suburbs around Paris prompting France's prime minister today to vow to restore law and order. Greg Palkot has the details.

• Also, Total Oil (search), a French oil conglomerate, has admitted that they paid off the regime of Saddam Hussein for oil contracts through front companies, but why is Total not getting the same criticism as other oil companies in the Volcker report? Jonathan Hunt looks for answers.

• The city of Oakland, California, is trying to use its eminent domain (search) power to seize three blocks for the construction of apartments, condos and stores. William La Jeunesse has a report.

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