Topics: Dec. 29

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• Legal maneuverings have ratcheted up in the case of Jose Padilla, the so-called dirty bomber who has been held as an enemy combatant in a military brig for nearly four years. Padilla's attorneys want the Supreme Court to resolve whether or not the president's war powers justify the administration's decision to hold Padilla without charges for so long. Wendell Goler has a report.

• Then, government wiretaps and the legal concerns over them are nothing new. It is an issue that Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito weighed in on in 1984 when he was working in the Solicitor General's office. What should we make of Alito's thoughts on the Nixon's administration's wiretaps? Megyn Kendall breaks down the debate.

• And as Congress wrapped up their business for the year last week, at the eleventh hour they added liability protection for U.S. vaccine manufacturers. The idea is to promote production of the needed flu vaccine in the United States so the country doesn't have to rely on foreign manufacturers. Democrats are complaining that the law will prevent those harmed by the vaccine from suing. Major Garrett has the details.

• Plus, Greg Burke looks at the falling attendance at Christian churches in Spain.

• Also, could baby boomers bust the economy when they retire? We’ll ask the director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

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