Topics: Dec. 21

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• The Republican-controlled Senate passed legislation to cut federal deficits by $39.7 billion on Wednesday by the narrowest of margins, 51-50, with Vice President Dick Cheney casting the deciding vote. Major Garrett looks at this vote and also the debate on the defense spending bill which includes drilling in ANWR.

• President Bush is demanding an end to the Senate filibuster of the Patriot Act, declaring, "This obstruction is inexcusable." He tells reporters that failing to renew the act "will endanger America." Carl Cameron has more on the President's push to pass the Patriot Act.

• A federal judge resigned from a special court to protest President Bush's secret authorization of a warrantless domestic spying program. Jim Angle has more on the debate over presidential authority.

• Is Usama bin Laden in position to assert full command over the Al Qaeda terror network? While on his way to Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld paid an unannounced visit to Pakistan and said he found it interesting that bin Laden has not been heard from publicly in nearly a year. Bret Baier is traveling with Rumsfeld and files a report from Kabul, Afghanistan.

• A witness testified today at Saddam Hussein's trial that the deposed leader's regime killed and tortured people by administering electric shocks and ripping off their skin after pouring molten plastic on it. Greg Palkot has a report from Baghdad.

• Then, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan held his usual year-end press conference today and it was anything but ordinary as correspondent Eric Shawn explains.

• Plus, Jonathan Hunt has the latest on the New York City transit strike which has left residents with another frustrating commute without public transportation.

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