Topics: August 18

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Thursday, August 18:

Team FOX goes around the world giving you the people, places and politics you need to know — only on “Special Report.”

Riot police with helmets and shields broke open the door of a synagogue in Kfar Darom where protesters had barricaded themselves, fired water cannons on the crowd and began removing the protesters. Jennifer Griffin is there and files this report.

And, Mike Tobin wraps up events from Neve Dakalim (search) where settlers were removed and just across the fence line Islamic jihad rallied in celebration of the pullout.

While the president vacations in Crawford, Texas, his vice president is on the road in Missouri speaking about Iraq. And last night, candlelight vigils calling for an end to the war in Iraq took place across the nation. Carl Cameron has a report.

Bret Baier covers the latest news from Iraq after a roadside bomb in the tense, religiously mixed Iraqi city of Samarra (search) killed four U.S. soldiers today.

Plus, the military intelligence official who first spoke publicly about Able Danger (search) was called to Capitol Hill, to brief staffers with the Senate Judiciary Committee about the special military intelligence unit, which he says identified the lead hijacker, Mohamed Atta (search), in the summer of 2000. Catherine Herridge reports.

Then, 38,000 more documents are being released from Judge Roberts' (search) time as a government lawyer. Jim Angle reports the latest news surrounding the Supreme Court nominee.

We'll also talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors about the day's headlines:

—Jeff Birnbaum, columnist for The Washington Post

Bill Sammon, White House correspondent for The Washington Times

Ceci Connolly, national correspondent for The Washington Post

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