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CBS News (search) stands by the basic content of its report on the president's National Guard service, but is there still more to this story?

GUEST PREVIEW: Credibility is the heart of every news organization, and if you lose the heart … it is not too hard to figure out what will happen next. Does CBS need to do damage control to keep pumping? We’ll get the low down from Eric Dezenhall, media image consultant.

Carl Cameron reports: Democratic challenger John Kerry (search) tries to re-focus his campaign thrust, we’ll have the details.

James Rosen reports: Meanwhile, the president stumps in Minnesota and takes a swing at Kerry’s commander in chief qualifications.

Brian Wilson reports: What is the method behind Bush’s and Kerry’s campaign swings? Find out.

Dan Springer reports: Gay marriage supporters pooling resources towards one state this November, will they make waves? We’ll report.

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