Topics and Guests: Sept. 5

Tonight...Get on the record with Greta!

The FBI (search) has launched a worldwide search for four men who are suspected of plotting a terror attack against the United States.

We'll have the latest for you on the hunt for the suspects when FOX News Contributor and Washington Times National Security Correspondent Bill Gertz and Chicago Tribune National Correspondent Cam Simpson go on the record.

Then, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) visits our troops in Iraq as the country's new militia takes to the streets for the first time. We'll have a LIVE report on the Secretary's trip from Baghdad (search).

And later, murder suspect Scott Peterson was tracked by law enforcement authorities using the latest electronic technology after his wife, Laci disappeared. Just where did Peterson go? The answer will shock you!

Plus, we'll get the latest in the Kobe Bryant (search) sexual assault case as Greta and her team of legal eagles go on the record.

Tonight's members of our legal roundtable include the following attorneys:

Geoffrey Feiger, criminal defense attorney

Gloria Allred, victims rights attorney

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor

Jeff Brown, criminal defense attorney

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--The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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