Topics and Guests, Sept. 29

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• The Justice Department launches a preliminary probe into whether White House officials leaked a CIA agent's identity to retaliate against her husband. Earlier in the year her husband challenged the Bush administration assertions that Saddam Hussein (search) had sought uranium from an African nation.

• Coalition forces raid Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit (search), taking into custody 92 people suspected of deadly attacks on U.S. troops.

• President Bush prepares to sign “do-not-call” bill into law, but the actual enforcement process may be put on hold.

Iraq (search) makes advances despite the abundance of negative news stories.

• Democratic hopefuls take time-out from Bush bashing and turn on each other

• The Congressional Black Caucus Institute (search) and Fox News Channel announce the second of two Democratic presidential debates will be held on October 26th in Detroit. The debate is scheduled to include all of the Democratic contenders…including the 10th candidate to join the race, Retired 4-star General Wesley Clark (search).

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