Topics and Guests, Sept. 17

Carl Cameron reports: It’s official. Another Democrat is running for president — How will General Wesley Clark (search) make himself stand out in a crowd of 10 hopefuls?

Major Garrett reports: Will the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recall the postponement of the recall election in California? Or is the case headed to the Supreme Court? And how are the candidates reacting on the campaign trail? We’ll have the latest.

William La Jeunesse: Old punch card voting machines are at the center of the recall election postponement. What are the outdated machines lacking? We’ll take a closer look.

Brian Wilson reports: A Spanish judge indicts Usama bin Laden (search) for planning 9/11 attacks while using Spain as a base. Meanwhile, House Democrats call for an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency’s (search) reaction to the terror attacks.

Jim Angle reports: President Bush asks Congress to put more money towards the war on terrorism. Meanwhile, administration officials request assistance from other nations.

Steve Centanni reports: Another purported videotape of Saddam Hussein (search) shows up on the Al Arabiya network. The voice challenges President Bush and makes threats to Americans. We’ll have the details.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

— Guests and topics are subject to change