Topics and Guests, November 30

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Tuesday, Nov. 30:

We'll bring you part II of the French connection to the U.N. Oil-for-Food (search) program as FNC correspondent Jonathan Hunt (search) interviews Eva Joly, a former French prosecutor and whistleblower who claims to have received death threats for exposing her country's ties to the Oil-for-Food scandal.

President Bush traveled to Canada for a two-day visit with Prime Minister Paul Martin. FNC correspondent Jim Angle has the details.

And Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (search) submits his resignation; we'll look ahead to see who might be named as his replacement.

Also, what does the CIA think of the videotape from Usama bin Laden's number two Ayman Al-Zawahiri (search), who vowed in the tape to continue fighting the United States until its policies change? Correspondent Bret Baier reports from the Pentagon.

NAACP (search) President Kweisi Mfume is stepping down as the head of the nation's oldest and largest civil rights group. Will the organization continue to steer in a politically partisan direction as Mfume led it, or will the investigation of its tax-exempt status change the group's focus under new leadership? FNC correspondent Megyn Kendall reports.

And what's a fair tax (search)? FNC correspondent Major Garrett explains this unconventional proposal that would replace income tax with consumption tax.

Plus, Ken Kies, Managing Director of the Federal Policy Group, will join Brit in the studio to talk about the proposed fair tax, a national sales tax.

And our all-star panel of FOX News contributors weighs in on the future of the Ukraine as competing outside interests like Russia and the U.S. become involved in the outcome of the election. Plus, we'll also hear analysis on Canadian — U.S. relations on the occasion of the president's visit:

Fred Barnes, executive editor of The Weekly Standard

Juan Williams, senior correspondent at NPR

Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist

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