Topics and Guests, May 8

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Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

The solidarity of the U.N. Security Council (search) will be tested once again when the United States presents a resolution calling for an immediate lifting of sanctions against Iraq and a phaseout of the oil-for-food humanitarian program (search) over the next four months.

Guest preview: Flynt Leverett, fellow at the Brookings Institution, gives us his take on the weapons threats coming from North Korea and now Iran.


• President Bush is hailing the Senate's vote today to add seven eastern European countries to NATO and says all seven have "earned their place among free nations."

• Two GIs are killed in Baghdad -- one of them in a bold daylight shooting at close range on a bridge, and the other in a sniper attack.

• Sponsors of the new campaign finance law say they will ask a federal court to suspend its entire ruling on the new campaign finance law, including its decision striking down a ban on the raising of big corporate and union "soft money" political contributions.

• Saddam Hussein (search) and his top lieutenants are likely to face trial in an Iraqi court if they are captured alive.

•  U.S. forces in Iraq continue to examine what they believe was a mobile weapons lab, hoping to find concrete evidence that proves Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

• The Senate's Republican tax writers strike an agreement on a dividend tax cut, ensuring that a scaled-back version of President Bush's call to eliminate such taxes entirely for shareholders will win support in the Senate Finance Committee.

• Israeli helicopters fire three missiles at a car in northern Gaza, killing a senior Hamas militant.

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