Topics and Guests, March 13

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

In a reversal, the White House says President Bush is open to briefly delaying a vote on his U.N. war resolution until next week if the postponement would help gain support for the measure.


• The Air Force prepares to resume reconnaissance flights off the coast of North Korea, 10 days after Korean fighter jets intercept an Air Force plane equipped to monitor missile tests.

• A U.S. special forces convoy is ambushed in eastern Afghanistan, and five of the assailants are killed in a subsequent gunfight and coalition air assault.

• Police arrested several members of an underworld network accused of assassinating Serbia's prime minister, a pro-Western leader who made enemies by pushing for the arrest of mobsters and war crimes suspects.

• After three days of emotional debate on the constitutionality of limiting a woman's right to an abortion, the Senate overwhelmingly approves a ban on a late-term procedure that abortion opponents called "barbaric."

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