Topics and Guests, July 30

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Wendell Goler: President Bush wastes no time in responding to John Kerry's claims at the Democratic Convention.

Carl Cameron: John Kerry hits the road, beginning a campaign swing that will take him and John Edwards through 21 states over the next two weeks.

Major Garrett: Democrats say John Kerry's DNC acceptance speech painted a portrait of strength in trying times. But Republicans complain he was vague about the war on terror.

David Lee Miller: NATO countries will soon be training Iraqi security forces. The 26 countries agreed to send an advance mission to Baghdad next month, but still unresolved — a dispute between France and United States over who will command the trainers.

Jonathan Hunt: United Nations Security Council weighs in on the emerging humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

Guest preview: The balloons, the hoopla and the long speeches are over in Boston. Are Democrats satisfied with the outcome? And how are Republicans responding? For answers we turn to FOX News contributor Michael Barone.

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