Today on Special Report ...

Carl Cameron reports: Democratic presidential hopefuls squared off last night at the final debate before next week's Iowa caucuses. Howard Dean (search) took shots from fellow candidates hoping to oust his frontrunner position -- And today he fought back.

Jim Angle reports: President Bush goes south of the border to meet with Mexican President Vicente Fox (search) -- We'll have a full report. Also, documents that former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill (search) had during his interview last night on CBS trigger big questions.

Greg Palkot reports: One American soldier is dead and two are wounded after a roadside bomb exploded in Baghdad. On Friday, Coalition Forces discovered a "large weapons cache" in Ramadi. Find out the details

Steve Brown reports: The Iowa caucuses are one week away -- Need a refresher course on how a caucus works?

Major Garrett reports: What does wealthy investor George Soros (search) have planned for this Election Year?

Carol McKinley reports: Is a former Democratic presidential candidate trying to restart his political career?

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