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A rented van jumps the curb in a Chicago neighbor and injures three bystanders. An angry mob attacks the driver and passenger in the van and beats the two men to death. What could have led to these shocking killings? We'll have a live report from Chicago and speak with an eyewitness.

Then, yet another skating scandal from the Salt Lake Olympics! This time the Russian mafia appears to be involved. We'll speak with Olympic Gold medalist Tara Lipinski about today's surprising news.

Plus, who should help Bill and Hillary Clinton pay their substantial legal bills? Could you be writing a check soon? Former White House Special Counsel Lanny Davis goes on the record with Greta!

Also, meet attorney Bradley Simon... his client, David Chang is the man who gave lavish gifts to New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli. What's the real story behind the Torricelli scandal? We'll find out tonight.

Finally, is the hit summer show American Idol harmless summer fun or just plain trash? We'll let you decide when The Village Voice's Michael Musto joins us.

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