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Topics and Guests for Wednesday, August 7

• President Bush received a briefing Monday evening on the outlines of a new war plan for invading Iraq that would require significantly fewer troops than the 250,000 that military planners had previously proposed, said a Pentagon official involved in war planning. Are the U.S. Armed Forces ready for an invasion of Iraq? We'll ask retired U.S. Army Major General Donald Edwards, Fox News military analyst.

• Protecting the protectors... the Bush administration is taking steps to shield American peacekeepers from politically motivated prosecution. Will other nations promise they won't extradite Americans for trial by the new International Criminal Court? Attorney David Rivkin, former White House legal adviser, joins the debate.

Eric Shawn reports on how an FBI informant wearing a wire to secretly record a conversation with a city tax assessor ended up making what is believed to be the only known uninterrupted audio recording of the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center.

Steve Harrigan reports live from Jerusalem on the latest moves towards peace in the Middle East.

• The dog days of summer have arrived -- and it looks like major league baseball is going batty. The players are threatening to go on strike and now commissioner Bud Selig is accused of conspiring to "cook the books" with Arthur Andersen. Michael Ozanian, senior editor at Forbes magazine, has been watching this doubleheader unfold from the sidelines.

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