Topics and Guests for Tuesday, September 3

Tonight... Get on the Record with Greta!

As the family of Elizabeth Smart still searches for their missing daughter did potential important clues disappear when the family's handyman died last Friday? Richard Ricci's widow says that police were investigating the wrong man. Ricci had been the Salt Lake police force's top potential suspect. We'll have an update for you this evening.

Plus, after a summer of terrifying child abductions and fresh publicity about the "Amber Alert" system, do we need to take a second look at it? A top criminology professor says yes. We'll hear from him tonight.

Also, if you're called for jury duty...should you be paid $100 a day? We'll tell you about the juror who took that approach and nearly wound up in jail!

Finally, Alan Dershowitz will join us to tell us about his provocative new book Why Terrorism Works.

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