Topics and Guests for Tuesday, July 15

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July 15:

Some folks think a tax-free tobacco shop owned by the Narragansett Indians in Rhode Island is really a smoke screen, a way for tribe members to put pressure on the state as they try to win permission for a casino
•  Randy Noka, tribal councilman

Democrats are looking to make some hay out of the president's use of pre-war intel, but could playing the credibility card backfire on them?
•  Joe Klein, columnist for Time magazine

Is there a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda?
•  Dr. Gregory Treverton, senior policy analyst at the Rand Institute

The Justice Department and a federal judge are butting heads over Zacarias Moussaoui, the only man charged in the 9/11 attacks
•  Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

A flotilla of rubber duckies, which has been bobbing around the world since 1992, is now heading for the coast of New England. What can science learn from this?
•  Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation

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