Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Jan. 7

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Topics and Guests for Tuesday,
Jan. 7

• President Bush is set Tuesday to propose "re-employment accounts" of $3,000 that people can use for child care, transportation and other costs of finding a new job when he announces his economic stimulus package in Chicago.

But will the president's plan sell in Congress? We'll ask Rep. Michael Oxley, R-Ohio , chairman of the Financial Service Committee.

Plus, do tax cuts really stimulate the economy? Stephen Moore , president of the Club for Growth, weighs in.

• The FBI is no longer looking for the five subjects of a nationwide manhunt that was kicked off just before the new year, law enforcement officials said. The law enforcement sources cited bad information by an informant, John Michael Hamdani, who has been held in Ontario since late October.

What was Hamdani thinking? We'll ask his lawyer.

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