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Jan. 21:

There is a small group of people in Kuwait who are anti-American and pro Saddam Hussein. The question is: are they organizing against U.S. citizens?
• Mansoor Ijaz, FNC foreign affairs analyst

Top U.N. inspector Mohamed ElBaradei says inspectors in Iraq need several more months to do a thorough search for weapons of mass destruction. Will giving them more time really make a difference?
• Chris Cobb-Smith, former U.N. weapons inspector

Some anti-war activists are warning that any attack on Iraq could cause "white, western body parts flying around with the Iraqi ones." They're heading to Iraq to act as human shields, trying to deter allied air strikes
• Retired Army Major Bob Bevelacqua

Turkey's foreign minister is denying a report in The New York Times that the country's letting the U.S. use its bases for an Iraq attack.  FNC gets an exclusive sit-down with the prime minister
• Tony Snow, host of FOX News Sunday

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