Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Jan. 21

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Jan. 21:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair stands tall as America's staunch ally in the global war on terror, but he's losing support in his own country for military action against Iraq
Julian Bolger, correspondent for The Guardian

U.S. special ops forces and the CIA are pulling the noose tighter around Saddam Hussein. They're actively paving the way for the dictator's downfall, conducting covert missions in and around Iraq
Bob Baer, former CIA officer and author of See No Evil

Germany and France suggest they'll fight any war resolution on Iraq from the U.N. Security Council, but does there even need to be a second vote? T
Colum Lynch, correspondent for The Washington Post

Amid all of this talk about Iraq, let's not forget that we still haven't found Usama bin Laden or knocked his followers completely out of commission. How's the fight against Al Qaeda actually going?
Gregory Copley of the International Strategic Studies Association

California has made marijuana legal for medical use, but the feds want to see that law go up in smoke
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

The prevailing wisdom is that even the countries that hate our policy still love our pop culture. But a new study finds that we might be better off keeping Britney Spears to ourselves
Peter Schweizer, author of Reagan's War

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