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Here's a review of what was on the rundown for Thursday, September 5:

Is Iraq building death drones: unmanned jets equipped to spray deadly chemicals and germs?
• Dennis Ross, former special Middle East coordinator

After getting sucker-punched on 9/11, the Bush administration is considering a fundamental change in our military policy. Instead of waiting for new terror attacks, should we strike first?
• Michael Ledeen, author of The War Against the Masters

Did Saddam Hussein have a hand in the Oklahoma City bombing for which Tim McVeigh was found guilty and executed?
Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Congress takes Manhattan as a sign of solidarity. A big yawn or something significant?
• Richard Shenkman, presidential historian

In Hollywood, the director likes to get the final cut. But there is a company that will do it for you. Clean Flicks edits out the sex, the language, and other questionable stuff
• Scott Mikulecky, attorney for Clean Flicks
• Marshall Herskovitz, director/producer

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