Topics and Guests for Thursday, March 13

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March 13:

What makes Brian Mitchell — self-styled prophet and central figure in the abduction of Elizabeth Smart — tick?
Pamela Atkinson, advocate for Salt Lake City's homeless

Mitchell and his wife Wanda Barzee are under arrest for Smart's  kidnapping, but the couple's attorneys will try to show that this case is not as open and shut as you might think
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Our troops are in place in the Gulf and are ready to attack once the word is given. In fact, some have been there for quite a while... raising the question: How can they stay sharp when the date of attack keeps moving?
• Retired Army Sgt. Paul Johnson

Iraqi leaders are vowing to go underground during an invasion and fight U.S. forces from thousands of hiding places
• Retired Army Col. Stuart Herrington

The networks are ready to bring the Iraq war home to you. Everything's in place to transmit the blow-by-blow, from the battlefield to your TV. But is the Pentagon doctoring the spin?
Bob Garfield, co-host of NPR's On the Media and author of And Now a Few Words From Me: Advertising's Leading Critic Lays Down the Law, Once and For All

Can the U.S. count on the Kurds to join forces with them in fighting Saddam Hussein's troops?
• Dr. Barham Salih, prime minister of the Kurdistan regional government in northern Iraq

French President Jacques Chirac has said that he will veto any resolution endorsing force against Iraq, no matter what. Would he feel the same way if the resolution were drafted by some other country like, say, Cameroon?
Charles Kupchan, professor of international relations at Georgetown University

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