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People who fled coastal towns in Texas and Louisiana in preparation for Hurricane Rita (search) are returning to their homes as some New Orleans residents are told to come back and help rebuild those parts of the Crescent City that aren't under water. Team FOX is live throughout the Gulf Coast region with the latest.

Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco is asking for more than $30 billion in federal aid to help rebuild her state. That's on top of the $62 billion already approved by Congress for the entire region hit by Katrina. So can the feds afford it? And who's going to manage all the spending? We'll get insight from former Rep. John Kasich, R-Ohio, host of FOX News' "Heartland."

State governors currently take the lead in rescue and recovery efforts after natural disasters. But should the Pentagon take charge when disasters strike? Bing West, former assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration, weighs in.

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