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Topics and Guests:

The CBS memogate story takes a few more turns
• Charlie Black, Republican strategist
• Howard Wolfson, DNC senior communications adviser

Teresa Heinz Kerry says she wouldn't be surprised if Usama bin Laden were caught right before the Nov. 2 election
• Leslie Sanchez, Republican strategist
• David Pollak, Democratic strategist

John Kerry is trying to convince the American public that he's tough on terror. Is it working?
• Jacques Degraff, Democratic strategist
• Dylan Glenn, Republican strategist

The government says we're going to need vigilance and luck to prevent a terrorist attack before the presidential election
• Asa Hutchinson, undersecretary at the Department of Homeland Security

Are convicted child molester Mary Kay Letourneau and her former student heading for the chapel?
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Florida faces its fourth hurricane this season
• Boynton Beach Mayor Jerry Taylor
• Joe Becker, American Red Cross vice president

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