Topics and Guests for Sept. 3

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False accounting, massive cover-ups and outright lies?

Out legal roundtable will examine the 15 felony counts against former WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers (search).

Plus, from WorldCom to Enron, why is it taking so long to get to the bottom of the corporate corruption investigations? FOX News’ Dagen McDowell digs deep.

Ahead of the Labor Day weekend, gas prices skyrocketed and continue to remain sky high. But why are we getting pinched at the pump? We’ll have a fair and balanced debate with Jamie Court of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, and John Felmy of the American Petroleum Institute.

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Louis Navalier of Navalier and Associates, and Meredeth Whitney, FOX Business News contributor.

In the war against child obesity, should our schools bring back home economics to teach kids the basics of nutrition? Find out why former presidential speechwriter Jennifer Grossman says the time is long overdue.

Construction spending rises to highest level since January. Does this mean the housing bubble is far from bursting? We'll get a read from one of the nation's largest homebuilders, Ara Hovnanian.

And, could you be the victim of a widespread illegal trading scheme that potentially cost mutual fund shareholders billions of dollars? We’ll explain.

Thursday, Sept. 4: Your World Exclusive!

Edgar Bronfman Jr. talks to Neil first after being the odd man out in the bidding for Vivendi Universal Entertainment.

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