Topics and Guests for October 9

As Congress debates the Bush administration's resolution on Iraq, we're seeing some very heated exchanges between members on both sides of the aisle. What does this mean politically for Democrats and Republicans alike, and how is Wall Street reacting to it? We'll ask FNC political analyst Dick Morris.

• America's defense budget will be increased by as much as $40 billion dollars. Is it enough, or way too much? We'll debate...

• Bell South President and CEO Duane Ackerman will join us to talk about national security and whether companies are cooperating with the government. We'll also get an analysis from him on the hurting telecom industry. What's being done to effect a turnaround?

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad is out with a new book called Prophecy. We'll ask him why he thinks the market has yet to experience its biggest crash.

• Stocks are down to 10-year lows for GM and Ford. But if their auto showrooms are so crowded, why are they and other auto companies sucking so much wind these days? 

• The Gymboree Corp. reports positive earnings. We'll talk to Chairman and CEO Lisa Harper about the upturn.

We'll have those stories and more!

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