Topics and Guests for October 16

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Sunday, Oct. 16

Were players from football’s Minnesota Vikings (search) involved in drunken behavior, nudity and visible sexual activity onboard a boat cruise? We’ll get to the center of the sex inquiry that has investigators scrutinizing allegations of criminal sexual conduct when we talk to Stephen Doyle, the attorney representing the threatened cruise workers.

Also, it’s a big test for Iraq (search) this weekend as the country votes on a draft constitution. Will casting a ballot push democracy forward? We’ll have a live report from Baghdad and talk to FOX military analyst Col. Dave Hunt about the historic milestone.

And, did amateur photographer Ben Fawley (search) abduct and murder college freshman Taylor Behl (search)? We’ll get the inside scoop on the suspect from Court TV’s Steve Huff, who spoke exclusively with Fawley’s ex-girlfriend. And, former DC homicide detective Rod Wheeler checks in with the latest on this ongoing investigation.

Then, in a shocking admission, Deepak Kalpoe (search) told a polygraph expert that he, his brother, and Joran van der Sloot (search) had sex with missing teen Natalee Holloway (search) before she mysteriously disappeared. How could his admission impact this international case? Will there soon be an Aruba (search) arrest? Former FBI agent Harold Copus, who interviewed Kalpoe, and former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman weigh in.

Plus, did the mob kill JFK? The daughter of late Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana (search) claims her father ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (search). We’ll talk to “Mafia Princess” authors Antoinette Giancana and John Hughes about the shocking allegation!

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