Topics and Guests for Monday, Jan. 6

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Topics and Guests for Monday,
Jan. 6

• Congress returns to Washington Tuesday set to take up a packed agenda -- and facing pressure from the White House to pass President Bush's economic stimulus package.

But is the president's plan dead on arrival? The Washington Times' Bill Sammon and The Washington Post's Mike Allen join the debate.

• The United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq are spies, Saddam Hussein told his people Monday in a televised speech.

Is this just another bluff, or does Saddam have reason to complain?

• The U.N. nuclear agency decided Monday against reporting North Korea's defiance to the Security Council, giving the isolated communist country another chance to abandon its covert weapons program and readmit inspectors.

Will the communist nation take this second chance?

Plus, did stolen software help Usama bin Laden plot the terror attacks of Sept. 11? We'll ask William Hamilton, president of INSLAW.

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