As new pictures surface from the Iraqi prison abuse scandal, is Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in danger of losing his job? We’ll ask Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas.

We’ll talk earnings and expectations with Rupert Murdoch (search), chairman and chief executive of News Corporation.

Mortgage rates are climbing. But, if you’re homeowner -- or looking to buy -- we’ll let you in on a surprising secret: How rising rates can make you rich. How? Barbara Corcoran, founder and chairman of the Corcoran Group, and Tom Adkins of Remax Services, explain.

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Meredith Whitney, Fox Business News contributor, and Jordan Kimmel, president of Magnet Investment Group.

Move over AM. Step aside FM. XM Radio nearly tripled its subscribers in it's first quarter earnings. What’s the secret to its success? Gary Parsons, chairman of XM Satellite Radio Holdings, explains.

Plus, we’ll honor the nation’s top black business owners with Earl Graves Sr., chairman and editor of Black Enterprise magazine.

And, risky business: With a fifth adult porn star testing positive for AIDS, is the adult entertainment industry under fire? We’ll ask Christie Hefner, chairman and CEO of Playboy.

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