Five months before the U.S. presidential election (search), and just five weeks before the June 30 hand-off of political power, President Bush lays out a blueprint for creating a democratic nation out of Iraq.

Will the president's message reassure the American public and boost his sagging poll numbers? Dick Morris, Fox News political analyst and author of “Rewriting History,” and Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian and author of “Tour of Duty.”

When can we expect lower prices at the pump? We’ll ask Commerce Secretary Don Evans.

Plus, think gas prices are high now? We’ll ask John McElroy, automotive expert and host of “Autoline Detroit,” why he thinks they should be at least a buck higher!

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Bernadette Murphy, chief technical analyst at Kimelman and Baird; Peter Vardillo, chief market analyst at S.W. Bach and Company, and Joe Moglia, CEO of Ameritrade.

We’ll talk earnings and expectations with Art Collins, CEO of Medtronic, and William Johnson, CEO of HJ Heinz.

Plus, it’s a “Your World” exclusive: Their new Internet tool has the tech world talking. Now, Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers tells Neil about the product that could get the markets moving.

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