Topics and Guests for June 11

As the American public pays its last respects to former President Ronald Reagan (search), we’ll get personal and private memories of the nation's 40th president from Democratic strategist Bob Beckel.

We’ll assess Ronald Reagan's economic impact on the world with one of his most trusted economic advisers, William Niskanen, chairman of Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisors.

We’ll get a read on what the markets may hold from Ned Riley of State Street Global Investors; Margie Patel of Pioneer Investments, and Stuart Varney, Fox Business News contributor.

The nation's Catholic bishops head to Denver on Monday for a six-day powwow that will deal with the communion controversy and a follow up on abuse reforms. What can we expect from the meeting? We’ll ask Ray Flynn, former Boston mayor and former ambassador to the Vatican under President Clinton.

Plus, imagine losing everything you've ever worked for your entire life in an instant. Would you have the courage to rebuild? We’ll profile two more of Neil’s Heroes: Jack and Suren Avedisian of Omni Foods.

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